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Tedee Movement when Initiating Lock'n'go


thanks for opening this forum! I hope this will be helpful getting in touch with the tedee team and other users, hence to be useful for both sides :)

Some users probably know Nuki and have used this before Tedee. So maybe you guys know directly what I am talking about: When leaving through the door and pressing the button for locking up Nuki "clicks" and you know you are set to go. Tedee just blinks and depending of the lock position you cannot see the led very well. I would like that Tedee would do something "noisy" as well. It would be enough if this is a short and quick right-left-right movement of the lock.

Also when carring something I already ran into the issue that Tedee locked quicker than I was out of the door. Therefore, I would also like that this timeframe could be modified in the app.

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Andrzej, That's not my point. I would like an haptic feedback to know it's activated.

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Nervermind my last lines - I found that option ;)

Well there is a setting for changing the delay, but there is no option for a haptic feedback that the timed lock is set. That would be an improvement

Thank you Kaktus for sharing your opinion. We were thinking about best feedback during activating the 'delayed lock', we tested different approaches and we are aware the current solution is not the best. I will add to our backlog test the physical feedback using the motor.

Hey, if you set up a delay for a few seconds, you can always hear the sound of the lock behind you when you leave. That's how I make sure the door gets locked.

Was about to say the same. It’s not a big deal, but to know it’s activated before I close the door and run downstairs is so much better. Tedee is very compact and quiet and therefore and because it’s winter and installed behind our jackets. A haptic feedback will be much appreciated.

So, it has been a year. What is the status on this ?

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