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Dear Developers, could you please let us know if this is still in the pipeline. Would the Bridge be required? Any other hardware or a yet unreleased Gen 2 of the lock? We all know Apple can be very demanding and slow in the process of approving. I would appreciate a little more Details if possible and if there is something to share. Please also let us know if you are doing away HomeKit support from the list of things to do.

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Hi Lars,

I can share with you the latest state of the integration. So now we have working lock with HomeKit in our lab. Now we are working to support all other our features with HomeKit version like auto-update, bridge support and more.

Bridge will not be required to control the HomeKit lock remotely but still will be recommended. Without bridge you will not have many features like live notifications, live activity logs and more.

We plan to enable the HomeKit support by simply firmware update. There is still a lot to do but most risky scenarios we already verified.

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Hi Konrad, thanks for the update on that. Very interesting
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