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IObroker -Homematic

When a device will come with Zwave or internal API?

I don't like cloud based systems. i want to control my data for myself.

I also want a integration for Homematic or IObroker without any clouds.

So anybody has an idea for me?

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Hi Mathias, we tentatively plan offline API for the next year... the second half the earliest.

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Thank you very much! Do I need the bridge also?

So I wait the second half of the next year.



Hey, for offline API? Yes, you will definitely need the bridge.

Great news.

So I wait the offline Api is avaible AFTERWARDS I will buy your smartlock.

Thank you in advance.



Same for me. I really like the system on paper. But will only buy if an offline API is available. The REST API exposed locally through the bridge would be totally fine.

No matter how, offline API for house-internal use only is crucial and should be high on the ToDo list IMHO.

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Here the same. In my Apartment I use EQ3 Keymatic. But it's ugly and the Sound is awful loud. I need internal API cause I want to build my own control with finger print sensor and burglar Alarm.

This would also be a requirement for me to consider buying the Tedee lock. Nuki has 3 APIs - Bluetooth, Bridge, and Web. 

Hi there, for me the same. When offline API available, I will buy your really nice smartlock. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for you feedback... we're aware of the fact but we can't promise you any date at the moment. We'll keep you posted!

Any news here regarding the local API?

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