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AUTO UNLOCK Not working correctly

Currently we have these phones in our home.

Oneplus 7 Pro - Android 10

Oneplus 8T - Android 11

Realme X2 Pro - Android 10

Currently the Oneplus phone do not work at all. When i get back home the door is locked.

The Realme Phone work once.. but it was not properly.. when i arrived at the door it was openen but not pulled so i still needed the app to open the door. All the logs have been sent to support hope they can fix it soon as this feature just is not working for us. Also Oneplus is the number 5 smartphone brand in the world so it should work!

Other question:  How does the auto unlock feature work exactly..

Is a bridge required?

Is a internet connection on the phone required?


If both or no..

Then the app would only need connection to the location to enable itself in a certain mode at a certain time and Geo location for a certain period..

Within that period it would sent out an BLE unlock signal which would unlock the door when someone is near..

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