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Fingerprint reader

Make an external fingerprint reader just as the ENTR Smartlock has..

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You already have the fingerprint reader in your phone... or Face ID. You can use them to log in to the app if you need additional security. But getting back to the point, we do not plan to make a  fingerprint reader... you can use existing readers if you integrate them using our API... you can try Ekey with  LOXONE:

The whole idea is to use it so that you do not have to get your phone out of your pocket. Or use it for your kids without having to give them a smartphone or physical key.

I also think a real fingerprint reader made by tedee would be the best choice. The current solutions are usually far too big and can hardly be implemented in rental apartments. Also, only very few can control an API themselves.


I would also like a solution similar to the Niku opener for home systems.


Is there anything new coming via hardware at all? The current status is good and should be expanded urgently.

You have a fingerprint reader in your Android... or FaceID in your iPhone... We do not copy/paste NUKI (with all due respect). As for the hardware, we plan the keypad.

You don't want to give your kids a phone. Also you don't always have a phone with you... Your finger on the other hand.... Also phone needs to be get out of pocket opent.. app opent.. lock opent. Lots of handling... Finger on fingerprint bleep enter is much more convenient
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