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NFC Reader

Would be nice to have some kind of external NFC reader which you can add to the Tedee and use NFC dongles with. Read them and after that allow them. Or maybe just use the NFC chip in smart phones or smart wearables (smartwatches) to access the home..

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You can use any NFC tag and create an automation in Shortcuts app in iOS.

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I do not want custom things. I ask for native simple solutions

 We have such think in backlog but now without any release date

Any update about a NFC/RFID reader for the Tedee, one year later?

I saw a photo of the new Tedee keypad with printed waves on it and tough that it also comes with integrated RFID reader, but I guess this is currently not the case, or is it?

The specification on the quote for the keypad also mentions that the radio has NFC (and BT)

Where are those specifications? Cannot find them
If you a reserve a keypad via the website you’ll receive a quote to order it at some point. It’s on there.

The is NFC hardware in the keypad. We do not have any specific date when we turn it on though.

Aha! That is great then I will buy! Will it work with phone NFC or NFC tags that we can buys from you then? Also can I disable the keypad (security risk) and just use NFC if I want in the future?.. otherwise feature request :-)

1. There is no release date of the NFC support for Keypad. Please do not buy it if you do not plan to use PIN.

2. You can have Keypad and not configure any PIN.

What would the use be of a keypad without a configured pin?!? Please educate me..

Hi Jeremy, since we haven’t got a precise schedule for NFC support yet, we just advise you to wait if you don’t want to use PINs now. On the other hand we are more than happy if you do :)

After half a year later: Any update on this?

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We want to work on that but for now, we don't have a release date yet. 

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