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NFC Reader

Would be nice to have some kind of external NFC reader which you can add to the Tedee and use NFC dongles with. Read them and after that allow them. Or maybe just use the NFC chip in smart phones or smart wearables (smartwatches) to access the home..

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Any update on the unlocking of the RFID reader in the Keypad?

I hope the Tedee bosses do not try to run behind the train and use all their developer capacities to make Tedee work with Matter, only because Nuki has it now and some nerdy customers know about matter...

What larger parts of (new) customers need is to get the existing hardware working ... to unlock the door with RFID keychain, smartwatch or smartphone. That will also be a unique selling point for Tedee, compared to Nuki, Dana, Yale, Homematic, ...

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The lack of this particular feature is making tedee look and feel like a solution from the last century. PIN is neither great from the UX nor the security perspective.

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Yes very disappointing :((

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Looks like Tedee is dead now. No development plan. No new features. Even no comments from their stuff about a road map.

Volodymyr and you learnt that from... the internet? Yes, we do work on Matter and the NFC (it's been delayed obviously but we had priorities). Cheers and Happy New Year!

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Andrzej Kaszycki good to hear that.

Do you have any estimations when new features will be delivered?
Is there any open road map for new features?

Thank you.

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Hey Volodymyr,
yes, we do... but this time I would rather wait with promises until I'm at least 80% sure we can deliver what we promise when we promise. I'm quite sure I will be able to tell you more by the end of January.

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@Andrzej Kaszycki, maybe instead of the internet @Volodymyr learnt that from Tedee/you?

Nobody here can tell that you are working on stuff. As stated: No roadmap or soon to be features on the Tedee website, social media or whatsoever. No or at least close to none comments here, no announced/promised features - some for years now. How would you call this as a customer? This is a smarthome product, development and nothing happening over such time period is "dead". Welcome to the real world.

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@katus 317, a bit harshly formulated but essentially true. @Andrej, it boils down to expectation management. That there is some development happening is evident with the patch releases. If some tent pole features appear/slip/ger cancelled it is highly beneficial to communicate that fact. I mean, we are all here waiting for a year+ and keep our fingers crossed. If we know what to expect when we can simply hit the snooze button and check back in later. Or no communication like right up to now, people are upset. Looking forward to more valuable features.

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Frank, this is one of my nicer posts recently. Some did not even get published. Tedee is just unbelievable and it's never their fault of course... It's this anyoing, paying customer with expectations and such!

The first post is from 3 years ago :(

As I can see there is a pre-moderation now and published only "good" posts.

This is how Teede deal with customer support now.
My previous post about terms & roadmap not even published.

Volodymyr, I don't know what phrasing is triggering it. I wrote a longer post once, it never got published. Hence, rewrote and repostet it, same thing. Took a screenshot and could not post it as well. Thus I wrote, that I could not write, what I was about to say - got published right away. It's a shame that you cannot articulate openly and also have to fear that you spend time and effort writing about something and then it just vanishes from your screen. I just don't appreciate that kind of censorship.

I just received the key pad.

The buyer read that the year of introduction was 2021 and NFC would be ready later that year. So he believed it should work today.

I now have a device of around 100 euro which is worthless to me. I do not trust PIN not that i forget, but everyone can try when i am not home.

i am now thinking if i need to switch to a another brand completly. Before installing this enormous big device on the wall.

Keypad is kind of a disappointment. I don't get it why tedee did not manage to include some larger battery, given the size of that thing. In fact the first set of batteries went dead in quite short time (Original Varta industrial) but even more annoying was the low battery message came up just like one day before and when I came back after the weekend the device was dead. So it is not reliable also! Hope they fix such issues soon as well!
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