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NFC Reader

Would be nice to have some kind of external NFC reader which you can add to the Tedee and use NFC dongles with. Read them and after that allow them. Or maybe just use the NFC chip in smart phones or smart wearables (smartwatches) to access the home..

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Hi, any update on this?

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Hi Tedee Team, any updates? This could be a game-changer for many people who renting apartments.

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 I don't get what tedee's roadmap suppose to be. There are so many "announced" or "promised" features, customers waiting (and asking!) for them and Tedee is just like "nah, not now,  it's planned for the future, we will work on this someday - maybe." Furthermore, there are so many little things people also asked for here, which really mean a practical difference for them in every day use, and Tedee does not seem to listen. "Unpractical", "we don't see the use for it", "the app get's overloaded", ... you name it.

Even though I do like the product, this sucks. Seriously, get a good full-time coder and get working. Please.

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I also wonder what the developers are doing the whole day in the last 2 years . Maybe they really do not have at least one full time coder and are just hiring external developers (but only for bug fixing). I do not understand how you can plan a new product / hardware (Tedee Go), when the potential of the existing one is not used… So yes, please get it working after 2 years.
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