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NFC Reader

Would be nice to have some kind of external NFC reader which you can add to the Tedee and use NFC dongles with. Read them and after that allow them. Or maybe just use the NFC chip in smart phones or smart wearables (smartwatches) to access the home..

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Thank you for your comments.

It appeared it was still possible to return the keypad so I asked the buyer to do so.

For now, i am leaving it as it is. 

If Tedee gets a new device for NFC only(With proven functionality), i might re-evaluate the option.

Hello, is there any news about the NFC-feature in the keypad?

As Andrzej Kaszycki said, there should have been some news by the end of january, which was 2 weeks ago.

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Aqara U200 is coming out soon and I will probably switch :( I don't understand how one of the most desired features can't be a priority!

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The silence is the biggest problem here. The product is good, it is quite reliable with no major issues. But the frustration in the community comes from lack of response when they are "promised".

It would be enough to say, there is no capacity to do this at the moment, the priority is "zero" as other features like security are more important and focusing on. There is no shame in that, at all.
Yes NFC capability is only "flashy" feature that will make headlines and there are more important underlying issues, BUT this topic is 3 years old, since the keypad was released with NFC capability, a response that it will not happen its okay as well. That HomeKey wont happen is okay, but let the users know, this is creating only frustration and word of mouth is not gonna be positive, even though the product is among best in its class for the "basic" features as a normal lock is.

if there's no capacity on the software side say it clear and make either the current firmware open or a way of getting alternative firmware (also cause when tedee goes of of business it will be a expensive door stoper, from what I found it's just just nrf52840, development on that should be straightforward) that will make people who want to have nfc/homekey or 100% offline operation able to do it their way

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I can´t say I do not agree. It is shame. I really like the product itself. But communication is key here. It is not lack of features, it is lack of information that makes community frustrated.

I have already got rid of the tedee lock and the keyboard which was useless, the basic NFC has not been working for 3 years and the keyboard itself is intimidating with its appearance (it looks like a brick). I pre-ordered aqara u200 - in 5 minutes I solved all the problems that tedee had not solved for 3 years.

Thank you

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Yeah, I also follow the u200 for months now. For me the HomeKey is the "key" feature. If that is implemented (as they say) and Tedee does not offer at least some kind of NFC reader capability or new fingerprint sensor, then sad to say, Aqara it is. It is shame, I like that is EU company, with local development in Warsaw. I bet people at the beginning were very passionate. 

Let´s hope at least we will get some info out of this. If you don´t know what to expect, then you will go to other product, if you know that the feature wont be available, you can probably live with it, but this state of status quo with kind of maybe there will be some feature, maybe not, its just really frustrating. 

For people with kids, NFC feature or fingerprint is a must I must say. Cant expect kids to go with phones everywhere.

I’ve been silently watching the comments come in over the years and have a slightly different take, that I’m sure will upset some people.

I agree with the comment today that communication has been completely lacking and that’s the main issue, expectations have been handled poorly and updates are disappointing. Every time there’s an update to the app or the lock it’s not something to get excited about.

However… I’m still very happy with the lock. It’s unobtrusive and really reliable. I tried a Nuki lock for work and I think it’s terrible. It’s big, plastic and ugly. Their keypad is nice though and really small. Certainly the 280 euro version of the keypad with stainless steel is nice. The Aquara has a great feature set, but it’s also clunky. Anyway, I don’t see an alternative that I like.

I don’t understand people that are truly upset that they’re not getting new features such as NFC, or even Homekey. Or new products that we can buy that have these things. Sure, it’s very disappointing. But when all of us bought the product there was no promise of future functionality by Tedee afaik. It’s not a subscription service where regular new features are the norm.

Finally, I do actually appreciate it when companies prioritise reliability and fixing bugs over adding new features. Tedee is just a bit on the extreme with not adding new features or accessories.

It's just not true, what you are saying.

Of course Tedee (and/or some resellers) promised functions, which not have been delivered.

For example NFC in the Keypad. It even still is on Tedee's homepage:

"Verfügt es über ein NFC-Lesegerät?- Ja, das tut sie, aber im Moment ist sie noch inaktiv. Wir haben sie hinzugefügt, um diese Funktion in Zukunft mit einem Firmware-Update zu aktivieren. Sie müssen das Gerät nicht ersetzen, um von NFC zu profitieren."

Yes, indeed, they do not say when. But I am sorry: I am not expecting an announced feature after 3 years, when technology basically is EOL.

Also, saying it's great that Tedee is focusing on basics when not having the capability of handling more... Bringing out a new version of a lock instead of just optimizing everything else with the now so called "Pro" is just a wrong move then. Furthermore, I am expecting a little bit from a company when paying such a price for a product. So yes, it is very disappointing and yes customers are allowed to be upset with Tedee.

First of all, I am happy with my tedee lock at home. It works how it is supposed to.

Tedee is on hold. With only a lock it does not win from the competition.

Since the keypad with NFC was announced 3 years ago, nothing new has been designed.

I played with the pad a couple of months ago, the design is not that pretty. It looks and feels like a brick.

On the other hand, also the use changes, people do not want to use a smartphone over and over again, but switch to fingerprint, NFC or...... 

Also households change (Kids), companies are growing.

In my company, i already moved from Tedee to Unifi. Its not cheap, but works perfectly and most of all, they innovate.

Looking at the same price range as Tedee, you will see that these companies innovate in customer experience and their designs are more elegant.

Tedee is missing the boat. This will eventually lead to withdrawel of the product.

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Andrzej Kaszycki,

Any news about NFC and Matter ?
You said you would be quite sure you could tell us some news by end of january.

This date is past since 2 whole months now and we still haven't heard any news as far as i know.

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Hello tedee-guys,

I´ll would love to have the NFC-Tag Option for my small kids (no smartphone yet) as well.

Hopefully you´ll find the time for closing that lack of Feature in nearly future.

BR User1980

Myself was using the Auto-unlock as work around of the missing NFC until yesterday an update of the bridge triggered unintended unlocking of my door. I discovered it only by coincidence 2 hours later. As this is CRITICAL I will not be able to use it anymore. So seriously now. Is NFC coming or not, as I am about to think about tedee in general! Thanks in advance for your timely reply

By the way, if you look up 'IP67 Waterproof W26 34 Battery Powered 433mhz Wireless Rfid Wiegand Proximity Card Reader' on Alibaba, they're showing a nice video of how this could eventually work.  It's a 4 years old video and they're selling this hardware for about 20 bucks.

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