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Out of home to 150 meters.

The minimal out of home value of 200 meters is just to far away to do a small dog walk. Please make it 150 meters as a minimal.

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Have wife and kids and a long history of being wrong. Wouldn’t your dog appreciate a longer walk than 290 meters?
Yeah of course but it's like 190 meters squared. For the short walk. And of course wel also do longer walks.

I am also in favor of shorter distances. The user should decide which setting he wants. With other Smart Lock's there is also 50m. :)

It seems that you also have to go much further than the 200m (experience since 2 days ;) ). For a short walk in the square it is too far.

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 There is a plan to test the minimal out zone to 150m but not in 2021Q1

Count me in for the testing.

For me about 30 m would be fine, because if I take out the Wasteboxes I leave the Hause about vor 50 Meters and it would be nice to look the tedee by going out an autolook it after comming back.

It has to be checked if it will generate problems, when useing  the Smartphone in the Garden. But as the distance is configurable the user can test it himself.   

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Any number below 100m is not recommended by Google and Apple and we will not support such either

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