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Create better working Auto Unlock on android..

Program something that always keeps the program running in background. Checking for geo location every 30 seconds or so. Also ensuring that the bluetooth is working and not suspended. Cause as of this moment I always have to wake up my mobile phone screen before my door will unlock. And I have disabled all battery optimisations and background killing processes in my Oneplus Phone. Also tested with Realme phone and LineageOS phone. All same result.

It's Android that decides how to run the apps in the background. We keep working on Auto-unlock.

It should be the biggest feature of the lock but it's unstable. Works only in 50 percent of the times.

Jeremy, we continusly improving the auto-unlock feature with every release. If it is not working for you please send your logs to the support. We do not plan to have service working in background checking the location. it will drain your phone battery.

Yeah OK. But i have very often that the feature auto unlock is enabled as i see the popup. But that it does not work when i am near the door. Its really 50/50

Similarly for me, the unlock process seems to start, but the connection to the lock breaks.

It no longer works for me either, only 10% of the time. In the first period of use, at the end of last year, it had almost always worked.

For my wife, on the other hand, it continues to work most of the time.

PS: Ticket with logs is already being processed. There seem to be application exceptions in the log. .... let's see  .... :)

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