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Extra verification at new app install

When you already have an account and install app for first time there should be extra verification next to just username and password. Because now anyone can install app and unlock your home when they know your username and password.

The second factor authentication is in our plans but it will not be delivered shortly. The whole idea about password is to keep it in secret :)

Yeah ofcourse. But setup a second factor based on email.. should not be that hart. Because at the signup process you have the extra verification.. but afterwards you do not. I someone hacks the password they can just install the app .. login.. en even remotely open your frontdoor when you also use the bridge! Very big security issue if you ask me..

Jeremy, if someone hacks your password I bet she/he will go for your bank account first and would not worry that much about your door lock. It's a hypothetical "what if" discussion. You need to keep your credentials safe. All of them.

Ok. Very good. So based on your arguments. Dual factor authentication which is a defacto standard at this moment is not needed. Sorry I am an IT security guy.. you are wrong.

Jeremy you are right, the MFA is a standard and as I mentioned it is in our backlog. The security is our top priority and this feature we will delivered but unfortunately now we focus on different area.

Good to know. Thanks!

The last message from this topic (MFA) is 1 year old . Is the MFA is now implemented and if not yet, when it’s planned ?


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