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Integration with Fibaro

Podobno integracja z Fibaro jest już gotowa. Kiedy zostanie udostępniona?

It should be now available in Beta program. The public release is expected at the end of this month

what does that mean exactly? I mean Fibaro uses Zigbee, right? Are you talking about a native integration?

Autant que je sache, FIBARO n'utilise pas Zigbee; il utilise z-wave.

J'utilise la version 5.061.36 (beta) qui vous permet de connecter HC avec tedee via un pont wi-fi. L'appareil tedee est intégré au système FIBARO en tant qu'appareil étranger après l'autorisation du service tedee.

You are right, it's z wave. I am sorry for that mixup. More interesting: could I integrate tedee in Hubitat then as well?

tedee does not support z-wave by self. Fibaro central uses tedee api to cumonicate with tedee lock so the tedee brige is required

The stable and public version of integration Tedee with Fibaro for HC2 and HCL was released 31.03.2021

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