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Different locking/opening options

 I wrote that in an email earlier to already, but would like to post it here as well:

With Nuki I built my own automatic lock'n go option, which makes way more sense to me than locking the door all the time, because it behaves more like I close my door when not having a smartlock than the option provided right now:

When nobody is home the door should be locked, but only if the people are out ot the homezone. When I am home I never lock my door. Also, when I am just downstairs in the basement, I do not lock my door. Hence, your auto lock option is not enabled, because it is a little anyoing and drains battery. But now I have to manually lock the door when leaving for a longer time/distance. Yes, I still have to look into your API and probably build that with another geofence from my smarthome system. But I think this option could be within Tedee itself.

Also I liked that the door could be unlocked, but not opened, when entering the homezone and for autounlock the lock only had to pull the spring. In some situations this just saves time for opening the door (e.g. late blutooth connection).

One thing I thought I found already, but after playing with and calibrating the lock again I do not find again:

Is there an option to auto unlock & pull spring, but when manually unlock the spring is not pulled (but two different options on the tedee app screen, so I could pull the spring directly)? Do not ask for what situation I would like this (I honestly forgot), but one day I was wondering about this function...

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1. auto-lock

Thanks for feedback. It is nice feature but unfortunatelly prone for errors. Locking door base on geofance may faile in many situations and we cannot provide such feature for customers. You can achieve your scenariu quite easly by your self using our API.

The purpose of auto-lock is to make your home safe by making sure your door ale locked especially at night when you go sleep. In your case when you are at home it will not work. The solution could be scheduled auto-lock and this is planned to implement

2. unlock without open

We do not want to confuse users by complicating more the open/unlock feature. We will check feedback about this and we need more use case. We do not plan add features without specific use cases.

3. auto unlock with pull and manual without

no there is not way to do this right now. But we think about this and waiting for users feedback and of course use cases :)


to 3.

But this is actually the normal use case. I lock the door overnight (also automatically). In the morning I unlock it again, but I don't want the door to open. I do not want to leave the house. Inside is a door handle to open.

If someone rings the doorbell, I don't want to unlock it first. Therefore, "unlock only" is the normal case.

(but auto-lock must work with opening)

mistyped, sorry : auto-lock -> auto-unlock 


You are right it makes sens. Thank you for feedback

I agree with the thread starter on all points. These use cases really exist :)

3. It would be really nice to have an option to unlock without pull spring.

At the moment we automatically lock the door at night (with Homey / API integration) and want to unlock it in the morning without pull spring.

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