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Door closed detection

When de door is open and the (auto) lock kicks in, the door won’t close, because the lock lip bounces to the door frame... A simpel wireless doorcontact ( zwave?) to detect if the door is closed could prevent this. And just activate the lock when the door is fully closed... This could also add a feature to warn if the door is open, or closed but not locked.

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Hey, it's one of the reasons why we integrate the lock with all smarthome systems. You can build the scenes using other devices that work in the same environment. There are many door contacts available and they can work in line with the logic you described.

Well, still waiting for fibaro :) know you have API, but maybe worth adding z-wave/zigbee support?
Hi there just bumping this thread because I have a similar issue and was wondering if you'd be able to give a concrete example on how to integrate this (door not locking when the doors open) ideally using a sensor that works with alexa and homekit

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The solution is very simple. Please, add a binary input to the keypad or gateway. Then we can just attach a door sensor or anything else, such as a fingerprint reader. Simple and effective.. I'm just deciding for a smartlock and this is the basis - is the door open?

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i agree. this would be a great feature.

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