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Feature Requests Rules

New features policy

When we making decision  about next features we use feedback from many sources like: support  team, forum, product analytics, research and more. We encourage you to  work together to improve our product. How? You can post new ideas in  "Feature Requests" forum, vote on existing requests or comment.

Your  suggestions are very important to us and help us understand how you use  our product. When you decide to post new suggestion please provide  information how it help you and others, and add example of the usage, it  let us better understand your need.

Request rules

To help us manage your requests please follow these simple rules:

  1. Use English language only
  2. Create one post for one request


  1. We  use English because we have customers from whole world and we want to  have equal chance to all of theme to participate in product development.
  2. One post for one request will:
    1. Help focus the discussion on one feature and gather more feedback
    2. Allow others to vote on the feature. We will use it to prioritize in on our backlog
    3. We can set state for such request

How to vote

Use like button on first post.

Request state

  • Planned - added to our backlog
  • In progress - under development
  • Deferred - we are waiting for more feedback
  • Implemented - available in production
  • Not taken - we decided to not implement this request

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