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Automatic pull spring for auto-unlock

It will be good to be able to have a dedicated automatic pull spring for the auto-unlock option. That's the moment when, for sure, I want the Tedee lock to pull the spring, so I can open the door just by pushing it. But the other times when I use the App to open the door it's good not to pull the spring. That way if I open the door by mistake I can close it again. That's why I decided to disable the "automatic pull spring" form the "pull spring" setting. But now I miss than handy option when the auto-unlock fires. In summary, to have an automatic pull spring option for the unlock button and a separate one for the auto-unlock option will be very good (and I think it won't be that difficult to implement). Thanks, Fran

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Already asked here:, please vote there and i will close this one.

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Thanks Konrad,

Voted for the topic you sent. You can close this down.


The topic has already been discussed in several threads. Yes, it is very useful to be able to set "pull spring" separately for each activity. I also miss it so much. ;)

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