Release notes

In order to make it easier for you to follow the changes in the product and better acquaint with them, we have launched a page where we describe each change in detail:

Now you can find there changes for mobile apps.

Let us know how would you like to be informed about changes. Is it a good way, do you need something else?

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A few days ago the bridge firmware was automatically updated to version: 2.2.21058

The release notes on this version state: "Minor fixes."

In my situation, the firmware update caused a corrupt configuration of the local API. The callback webhooks no longer work. I am already in contact with Tedee support and am waiting for them to help me resolve this issue.

So in this case I would like to add two suggestions:

- The release notes could be more detailed. "Minor fixes." does not tell us much.

- Please make automatic updates optional, and do not apply them automatically during the night.

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