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Search Activity log

I would appreciate it if you would include a search in the activity log.

For example, I would like to search when the last battery charge or firmware update occurred. In the current set of events it is extremely hard to find.


Thank you for feedback. We do not plan to add such feature to mobile app but you can try the web version, it should be much easier to do that

Thank you, that would also be a solution. The WebIF I do not think about, because there is no more like state / open / close  . The smartphone we have faster in hand. :)

I think a possibility in the WebIF would be enough for the beginning. Maybe, we use this then also more often.

Small hint:

After creating an organization in the Web portal and adding a lock to it, you will be able to browse device activity logs :)

Is it necessary to work with organization? Not really necessary for home users.

When I want to add my lock, the ownership rights are transferred. I do not know what this means and what restrictions I have. I don't dare. :)

"You are about to assign these devices to the organization. By doing so, you are transferring the ownership role to the organization owner. Are you sure?"

You are right, it looks danger (and we should change that) but if you are an owner of organization and that device then nothing will change.

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