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Force unlock - Alternating direction

We have a user situation where the lock is accidently calibrated in reverse.

(Instead of opening the lock when pressing open in the app, it actually locks the lock.)

When the lock is then locked with a key  while "open", it is not possible to use the "force unlock" feature since the lock tries to turn in the wrong direction... Because of the erroneous calibration.

Suggested solutions:

1. make the calibration process less diffuse by improving the graphics/animation in the user interface.

2. Make the "force unlock" function alternate direction every time the function is used. 

Thank  you for feedback. 

1. We will check how to make this process more intuitive.

2. When we implemented "forced unlock" feature, we were wondering whether to handle such a case. Now the "alternative direction" is shown only when lock is uncalibrated. We assume that user calibrate it correctly

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Thank you for quick reply :-)

1. awesome :-) I think that you can make the process more intuitive just by changing the graphics and color for the two positions in the calibration.

2. Maybe your assumption is correct once the calibration process is more intuitive. 

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