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Lock jammed issue + possible solution

We have a user case where grandma used the "Physical key" to lock the door when she left the house. This caused the Tedee lock to get jammed when the daughter tried to open the door with the app.

Luckily the app have the magical  "force unlock" feature which saved the day, But at the same time left the lock in a uncalibrated state.

Most users we meet are so untechnical that they don't understand the calibration process.

Here is our suggestion to make the app more user friendly:

Self calibration:

If the lock can be calibrated with an extra position where the "maximum open" position is calibrated.

The lock could find the normal "open" and "closed" position on its own after the described incident above.

When the user initiate "force unlock", the lock then know for sure that it has found the "maximum open" position and will be able to adjust the global calibration.

No need for manual input from user at all.

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I have the same issue with my lock here in Norway. Any solution?
Thank you for your quick response! We install locks in Sweden with the Nordic adapter. The physical key and the lock turns individually. If user lock the door with “key” the Tedee lock doesn’t know it and stays in “open” state. Only way to open the door is then with the key or with the “force unlock” feature. The lock becomes uncalibrated in the moment we use “force unlock” It is a bit of a fringe subject not worthy of development time now, but in the future I think you should revisit the possibility to implement an advanced calibration feature where we (advanced user) can tell the tedee lock in what configuration it is installed in. Euro, northern etc. And by adding extra information. Make sure the lock understands how to auto calibrate :-)

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Thank you for feedback. We discussed a lot about auto calibration internally but we found so many edge cases in which it will not work that we decided to not implement it. We are open to discuss this auto calibration with our community and we need more feedback from you.

I do not understund in which moment the lock was uncalibrated. What type of lock the user uses?

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