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Matter support


Do you have plans to support the Matter (previously known as Project CHIP)? If yes, will it be a software update for the bridge or completely new device? Do you see any pros in Matter support or nothing will change?

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Matter is definitely important move for Smart Home and we want to be part of this. Now we cannot tell you when and which device will support it. We actively monitor this standard and when it be publicly available will see how we can use it.

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Thank you, Konrad!

Will be waiting for further updates.

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Any update on this in 2022?

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Maybe it does not... Matter anymore?

We want to have support for Matter but it is too soon to share more details.

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@Konrad, are there any news about Matter support? Is it already known if it will be added to existing locks or new hardware will be needed?

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Bought the Tedee-go this year based on the promised Matter support (this year!). Any update?

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Will normal Tedee (Tedee Pro) support matter?

@Jakup - too late. They are also not publishing every post here and just deleted others  (your question regarding matter). I got screenshots of it. It's a shame how they cannot handle stuff.

Any information/ETA on a matter availability to Tedee GO ?
This could be the deciding factor between Tedee GO and Nuki for Christmas.

Tedee GO is more appealing but matter is a requirement for me.


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For those interested, it looks like Matter support is indeed coming, see here :

No ETA yet, we should have more information by the end of january

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Do you have any information about the promised integration of  Matter via Thread? We hear absolutely nothing about this topic and i think many users have bought the Tedee GO because Matter was promised.

Can you at least give a rough timetline when we can expect the integration? I've heard that there was supposed to be information at the end of January, but thats now 3 weeks ago.

I would really appreciate to hear something about this topic.

Thanks & Best regards


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 What, you did not get any update on this and it's still not implemented as promised? How can this be with Tedee's top-notch information and update policy...

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