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Smarthome integration & event triggers (also for upcoming keypad)


as I mentioned in another thread already, I am using hubitat as a smarthome hub.

Hence, I would love to see a full integration of tedee in the near future of course.

What I would like to achive is the following:

In the event of a detected fire, I would like to get a push notification on my phone and unlock the front door lock(s). Since I am looking forward to use the upcoming keypad, it would be great to also automatically activate an emergency PIN on it.

I know it's difficult to support everything. But an interface so that the user could fiddle around and get such stuff started would be nice. Maybe this is even possible with the API?

Hi Kaktus,

I'm not sure what you're asking. The current API allows you to unlock the door lock so if hubitat allows you to execute HTTPS request you can easily do such automation. The API will be soon extended with PIN management.

I guess I was asking about the PIN management in the API.

It seems like the API integration in hubitat is not as easy as I would like. At least smarter people than me say that for the way the API token is handled I would need a device handler for it and unfortunately, I am not able to code that.

This weak we introduced new type of authentication, which should help you. Try use the Personal Access Key instead of OAuth Token: 

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I will have a look, thanks!

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