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HomeKit comunication issue (Lars)

 Here we will discuss problem which Lars has HomeKit integration. This is what he already described:


Did a few more tests, removed the lock and added it again. Reaction is still slow and Siri requests is pretty much hit and miss most of the time. Moreover I don’t know how to pull the latch in the home App. If I ask Siri to open the door while it’s unlocked it pulls the latch but what if I cannot talk to Siri? These issues needs to be sorted out. In the meantime I switch back to the homebridge plugin.

My hub is a HomePod and an AppleTV 4K as a backup, both on newest firmware. The lock and bridge are 3 meters away from both. Reaction is faster with homebridge and other native devices so that is not the standard it is your implementation.

my Home has two hubs, several devices (65) and four bridges

Lock is working over tedee App and homebridge plugin over HomeKit, but shows strange behaviour over native HomeKit

In the meantime I have resettet the Homekit network, builded it up new much to my wife's suspicion.
Haven't got the time to add the roller blinds again, but the lock was reacting at first and stopped shortly afterwards. Every request is leading to a timeout. I have added the other devices which are acting quick and as they should. 

I have checked with a HomePod mini that I borrowed. Same results

Hi Lars,

Sorry to hear that you have problem with HomeKit I will try to help you.

- As I understand you have 65 Homekit devices and 4 bridges (AppleTV 4K, HomePod). What other 2 bridge do you own?

- the distance from lock to HomeKit Hub (AppleTv, HomePod) is 3 meters

- you tested with HomePod mini

- Lock does not respond to lock and unlock commands over Siri and Home App

How HomeKit works

HomeKit hubs do not keep connection with device. When device inform that something changed than all HomeKit hubs will connect to it to get the information. There can be only one connection at the time (HomeKit restriction) so every device (phone, hub) will connect one by one. If you have many devices it can take a wile until the status will be updated.

1. How to test

Please do not test as following: open home app > tap to unlock > wait > tap to lock > wait > tap to unlock. This ways for sure you will receive "No response" response. And this is not device fault but this is how HomeKit is working. Apple Technical Team informed us that user must open Home App perform action and close app.

2. Test environment

Create new Home in Home app and assign your Tedee Lock to it. This way you will have one lock and no other devices should interfere the communication.

3. Test only BLE connection

Take one iPhone

Kill the Home App

Disable Wi-Fi and LTE.

Open Home App wait for BLE connection with lock, perform unlock operation

Did it work?

4. Test with Hub

Enable Wi-Fi and LTE

Add Hub to the Home where Lock was added


Kill Home App

Open Home App and unlock the lock

Did it work?

If still is not working please contact us via email and we will tell you how to retrieve logs from device. We will need them to solve the problem.

Dear Konrad, thanks again. Due to our kids birthday and problems with our house building I need to step down a bit and come back to you later this week.
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