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Lock with keypad

My request is that it’s possible to lock the tedee lock from the keypad by pressing the padlock symbol on the keypad. The reason I request this is because that’s how it works on Yale doorman. And we already got a request from a customer (even though we only have installed 5 keypads so far). Simply a convenient way to lock the door :-)

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Hi Jorgen, It is not possible yet, but we have this in our backlog. I cannot promise you when it will be ready.

... but of course additionally with code... otherwise there are no bell pranks, but everyone locks the door for you . :D :D :D

Lock with or without code could be optional. On Yale doorman there is no code needed to lock. I find that convenient when leaving my home.

I have just started using Tedee Keypad and I would really appreciate the option to lock with keypad (either with or without PIN).

I am happy to inform you that we are working on that.

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Great news! I keep my fingers crossed for the smooth implementation!

awesome!!! keep up the good work ;-)

The next update allows you to:

  • Lock the lock by long-press the 'unlock' button on Keypad (by default, this option is disabled, turn it on in settings)
  • Lock the lock by entering your PIN and long-press the 'unlock' button

You will need to update your devices:

  • Lock: 1.4.56913
  • Bridge: 1.2.56915
  • Keypad: 1.2.56914

You can learn more here:  Tedee Release Notes 

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Thank you very much Konrad and Tedee Team for making this happen that quickly!

I will keep checking for the update to arrive to my device :-)

Wow! this is so nice! thank you for implementing this feature so quickly! look forward to the update :-)

Thanks for the implementation! Just got the update and tried it: works so far!

In combination with the android wear os app: You sticked to your promises/announcements and got some work done the last weeks. I appreciate that, please keep that up :)

I have one question: "lock Key without PIN", ok ..... but which PIN for locking? I do not want to enter a 6 digit code for locking. I would like to use ONE number before locking as a minimum protection. Locking is not security related, so PINs for opening and closing would have to be different. (or provide the possibility of setting)

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I just said that when showing the option to my girlfriend this evening. A setting on each PIN saying "use for locking" / "user for unlocking" would be nice.

You can use any PIN for unlocking AND locking. Just type the pin on the Keypad and press and HOLD the padlock button then the lock will be locked. There is no need for separate code for locking and unlocking. I hope I helped.

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