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Lock with keypad

My request is that it’s possible to lock the tedee lock from the keypad by pressing the padlock symbol on the keypad. The reason I request this is because that’s how it works on Yale doorman. And we already got a request from a customer (even though we only have installed 5 keypads so far). Simply a convenient way to lock the door :-)

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Hi Konrad,

you did not, because that was not our point. As Joerg said it would be nice to prevent somebody, who maybe wants to be funny, from locking the door "very easy" = without PIN. But locking does not have to be as secure as unlocking. Hence, for example a 2-3 digit code is enough for locking. I do not want somebody being able to open my door with a 2 digit code though. Hence, I do not want this code to be active for unlocking the door. So from our point of view there is a need for seperate codes ;)

Sure you can :) . To unlock it must be a long secure code. To lock I would like to lock quickly "in passing". This may be enough even without a PIN. But so that "anyone" can not simply lock, a short PIN (1 or 2 digits) would be very useful. On the other hand, I do not want to unlock the lock with 1 or 2 digit PIN. The idea with a setting per PIN ( "use for locking" / "user for unlocking" ) would be nice.

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