Android Wear OS

Hello tedee users,

We have great news for you! We have released our tedee app for watches with Android Wear OS. 


  • Support many locks;
  • checking locks status;
  • locking/unlocking/pulling;
  • works only via the internet (bridge required).

The required Android version is 8.0. Important: Please remember that the app doesn't work on smartwatches with different systems (Tizen). 

The app can be installed from a watch.

We want to ask you to test the app and check how it works. All comments and remarks will be valuable and essential for us. Before implementing any changes, we want to gather all feedback from our users.

 Please share your thoughts in this post. 

First of all, great news .... and first try ... it works.


We only have the wifi version. Therefore, Internet is not available without smartphone. .... although, I must test on occasion.... Turn off smartphone and possibly reach the home wifi in front of the house. Otherwise, Bluetooth would still be useful. Or is a constant connection to the smartphone necessary?

What is still missing to include the app as a widget, at least I could not add it.

Let's see when I find a little more time to test. 

 Nice, I will give it a try!

Great, thank you for the work!

It works but I would like to sort the locks or define which locks should be shown on the smartwatch.

Currently I am sorting the locks (also in the smartphone app) by naming them with a number as prefix, like

1 Garage

2 Frontdoor

And, like joergm6 already wrote, for a smartwatch app it would make sense, that you can also use a lock as widget directly in the watchface, so that you can open a lock even quicker.

Thank you for all your suggestions. We will take them under consideration once we decide to develop the app for Android smartwatches. 

Its possible install install tedee in huawei watch 3 pro??

You can install the tedee app on smartwatches with the Android system. 

You can not install the Tedee on all WearOS Smartwatches. The OPPO Watch Free does not allow to install the app.

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