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The pull-spring additional options - Survey

Hi everyone!

As we want to develop and improve the pull-spring options, we've prepared a survey to understand your needs better. It would be great if you could participate and contribute to the product development! :) 

The survey can be found under this link

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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It would be great to have “knock” to pull the spring. So when I come to home the door would auto unlock and when I would knock on the door they would open. I know tedee have accelerometr so it should be managable and it would prevent the unwanted open of the door.
It would be also great to be able to adjust the bluetooth signal strength when unlocking. So the door would only unlock when I am really near the door not 10m away what really happens.

In my case I see 3 use-cases for the lock/unlock/pull-spring:

1) Time-controlled lock/unlock: When at home I keep the front door lock usually unlocked. But at nighttime I like to lock it. So it would be great to have an option to lock and unlock (without pull spring) at a certain time only when I am at home.

2) Lock Door when I am not at home: This means when I am away the lock should always lock itself (maybe after some delay). As far as I know today the app just sends message but will not lock automatically.

3) When away or coming home unlocking should pull the spring. The use case for me is to let someone in while away or enter myself coming home - in both cases the spring needs to be pulled.

Hope I could explain my needs well. I think just few things are missing to make it perfect for me. Basically:

- Time based lock/unlock (only if at home)

- Automatic locking after leaving (instead just send the message)

What is your opinion?

Any update on my comments above?
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