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Indicate locked/unlocked

It's hard for me to tell whether the lock is in the locked or unlocked position just by looking at the tedee lock.  In my installation the locked/unlocked positions are almost identical (telling by the position of the LED indicator).

To tell, ultimately I can manually try and rotate the tedee, or press the button (at the expense of the battery power for turning the lock once or twice), or try and open the door.  Or check the smartphone or course.


- Enable setting up short blinks for locked and/or unlocked state, having the tedee LED indicator blink shortly, say, every 2-5 secs.

- As suggested elsewhere, use double-click (either double-click to lock and single-click to detect state, or vice versa)

I realise that this would draw some additional battery power, but I would be fine with that.

If anyone knows that this is already achievable through some home automation system, please let me know (perhaps there is an API that allows controlling the LED).

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I am missing this as well. As a remedy I use smart light that turn on green and stays green as long as lock is open. Once it's locked, smart light turns red and after a while turn off

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Same for me, just purchased a rather expensive option to get the same reuslt. Purchased a busy led from Luxafor installed on a VM amd written a routine in Homey to use the Luxafor API. All the busy light does now is turn the light red when locked amd green when open. It’s a bit expensive and maybe unstable solution for this. I find the suggested red or green blink every 2 - 5 sec a good proposal. Only not sure how much energy this would consume (maybe the reason Tedee hasn’t developed this yet?)
Every firmware update or unstabilty of cloud infrastructure messes up with correct light status indication. Overall as quick workaround it works OK.
What smart light do you use for it? Seen quite nice solutions with led strips along the side, the only thing then is, where to leave the cables to get them outside view. Also, i don’t have amy powersource near my doors.
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