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What's going on with Tedee?

For days the portal is down, no response to tickets and here it is very very quiet.

But there are still regular updates for lock and app.... but still I am worried.

Hi, the portal works without any issues, we also haven't received any reports regarding that. Please contact us at 

I tried several other things. At the end I deleted the "local storage" of the browser for the url. Now the portal works again.

@joergm6 I feel you. As long as tedee has no local API I don't have a good feeling in my stomach. Not a lot going on here and new implementations take ages (or communicated here by the team: it's not even sure if they're coming at all). I really like the device, but this feeling in my gut..

Hi! Local API is also a crucial topic for us, and we want to implement it as soon as possible. Our developers are doing their best to develop the product. Recently, they have improved the Auto-unlock process, implemented the widget for Android smartwatches, and launched the rental integration with Guesty and Smoobu. A lot is going on, and even more to come! :)

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don't get me wrong I am not a coder, but for me this seems not to be a lot for an entire team within months.

Also please keep in mind that the customer view is very limited: I don't care about rental integrations at all, hence it seems even less development from my point of view. And yes, I am aware that this is a biased view and of course I would think differently when I would have a place to rent out etc. Furthermore, I do see that you have to make these developments to push the product to a bigger market.

Still, there is a lot "you promised" and have not yet delivered and for some people those things are the reason why they have not bought the product yet (and probably won't since Nuki put their new line on the market with these very competitive prices in the meantime). I am just very sceptical when companies promise stuff and then don't deliver in a reasonable timeframe. Nuki's Zigbee promise on v2 for example, which suddenly just disappeared from websites and forums... In addition we all know how cloud stuff can get turned off, leaving you with just expensive garbage (e. g. Nello). I am not saying you are such a company, but how am I suppose to know as a customer?

I am waiting for:

- NFC/RFID support for the keypad

- support of two locks with one keypad (I have two on one door and how am I suppose to open the door when only one lock is supported?)

- not pulling the spring when unlocking the door

- possibility of short locking codes for the keypad

- local API

- probably forgot stuff I wished for somewhere in some threads here already...

Some of the stuff does not seem like a big implementation and would make the product much better and thus more recommendable. Eventhough, Konrad already said that most of it would is not even on your to do list and never will be (which sucks big time btw., as I mentioned several times before!)

So where does this leave us? I have no idea about your market share, revenues, how big your developer team is and about your road map for the next months. I actually just have to trust your company and do hope you implement most of the stuff or at least provide a way that I can do the things (locally!) via home assistant. Also, your and your teams support is very kind, patient and quick. This actually does give me a little better feeling :)

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