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Losing calibration or position after manual lock

Hello, The following happened a few times to me already: after closing the door, I rapidly turn the lock to a partially or fully locked position (not sure of that one because I did it rapidly). After that, the lock is unusable. The visible symptom is: on button press, it tries to lock the door which is already locked. I recalibrated to solve this. The rapid movement, I do it by letting my hand and arm pas on top of the lock. It is as if the lock was rolling under my hand and arm. It is a really swift movement. Oh, BTW, it would be nice to avoid those greyish fonts in the app as they make the text difficult to read, at least to me.

Hi, thank you for reporting that. Yes, it's possible that the lock lost one turn but you need to turn it manually very fast. 

I managed to do that at least twice already. I'll try to avoid it but if you can do something to avoid missing a turn, it is welcome.

Or at least document it. ;-)

I nearly wrote to drop this request. But yesterday, the lock lost its calibration. I don't know why but it's annoying. Please make that more robust.
I have the same problem!
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