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Question about quantity of key turning


did the lock also works on a door that can be closed (key turnings) four times?


Yes, it will work. During the calibration process, you set how many times the lock needs to turn to open or close. 

Following up that question.  I was wondering if the following are possible:

  1. Setting up the Lock and unlock to be of different number of turns.
  2. Setting the lock to idle in a different position after unlocking.

The logic behind is that there are quite common european locks that use an extra turn to unlock the latch. Say that you need to turn once for the bolt to retract, and then half a turn more, pulls the latch in and the door opens, only with operating the key. Releasing the pressure by removing the key, releases the latch and allows the door to close but not lock.

Is that something supported by the lock in the current firmware?

@George Carter,

no. And tedee has not made an effort to change that within the past three years, eventhough couple of customers have asked for it.

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