2022 summary and 2023 plans

Last year was challenging for the entire industry due to a global problem with access to components. Therefore, our team was almost entirely dedicated to one topic, "to make the devices available to customers," which required a massive effort from the entire company. Because of that, we could deliver fewer new features than you wanted from us. Although, no less last year we introduced many exciting features, let me remind you of some of the most important ones:

  1. Locking the lock using Tedee Keypad
  2. Tedee app for a watch with the Android system
  3. Portal: Integration with short-time rental platforms (Guesty, Smoobu)
  4. Mobile: improved auto-unlock feature with more options to configure
  5. Mobile: Collecting logs directly from the device
  6. Portal: PIN management
  7. Status Page https://status.tedee.com
  8. Mobile: Home Page customization
  9. Mobile: Notifications about unlocked lock
  10. Mobile: 6 new languages
  11. Our cloud service is ten times faster
  12. Mobile + Portal: Better handling accounts with more than 100 devices
  13. Portal: devices list view and filtering
  14. Portal: Activities browser
  15. Mobile: Favorite devices
  16. Mobile: Automatic "Hold to unlock"
  17. Mobile: Redesigned network configuration for Bridge

You must admit that there were quite a lot of them. For more details, please visit the Release Notes page. In the coming year, we are preparing not one but several great features for you:

  1. Registration using social accounts (Google/Apple) [DONE]
  2. A solution to unlock the gate/building door [DONE]
  3. Links to share with Guest to open lock  [DONE] 
  4. Lock GO [DONE] 
  5. Local API on the Bridge [In Progress] 
  6. And more

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

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thanks for all the past and ongoing improvements.

I really like the hardware of the tedee-lock. Its a very decent and nice device. Compared to your competitors the tedee lock is not yet very smart. Only smart feature is auto-unlock. Except the auto-unlock its a pure electric lock.

Would be great if you can make it smarter with more intelligent behaviour like auto-lock, etc. (see my feature requests and votings).

Thanks and best regards


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And what about the possibility of open the tedee just with a link?

Thank you for your feedback. Some of your requests we have planned for this year but it is to early to commit to them.
@Gustavo, the opening using links is part of the "solution to unlock the gate/building door", and should be available soon (not later than two months from now).


I will be blunt (as you know me by now): Seriously? You are working on stuff like "social account registration"  before enabling features like the NFC of the keypad customers bought? I am (still) disappointed! And although your list of 2022 seems quite long, it's not that much software development for a professional team for an entire year. I know I am repeating myself (over and over again), but your team should get going and also implement points mentioned here (and considered "not that important" from you, but not for the users). Thanks.

Positive fact to mention: The stuff, which is supported now, does work (after a few hick ups in the beginning) quite well right now. I am missing several features so that the lock is working "smart" for our home though.

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