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unwanted opening

My incidence occurs when I get home by car and access the house from the garage, when I pass near the door it opens. The house is a house with a garage and I have the automatic opening on. A solution could be to set a minimum arrival time and the current maximum.

Hi, I do not understand the problem. You have entered the garage, the garage do not has tedee lock installed but your entrance door has. You would like to not open automatically the entrance door when you enter home using garage. The app cannot know that you have entered via garage and not entrance door. 

How the "minimum arrival time" could help? Do you mean that if you enter the zone and you connect to lock too fast then the auto unlock should be cancelled?

Exactly, set a minimum time, that walking would not be possible from the area to the lock.

This will not help because we do not know when exactly phone inform us that you have entered the zone. Most of the time it is just in front of the door. 

in my case about 80 meters from the garage door. Could the option to request the opening consent be fixed??? Every time we enter the door, the option is unchecked.

Hi, do you mean that you have the Auto-unlock confirmation turned on, but it doesn't work?

Magdalena, if it works, the opening confirmation you have to put/check it every time. That is why he said to set a minimum time that was impossible to reach on foot, and a maximum time that was possible by walking slowly. In my case it could be 10' and 25', as long as the unlocking worked between these times.
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