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Scheduled auto-lock

Hi. First of all, just to share that I just bought everything you have from Tadee and have to say I am really satisfied with the product. Really good job so far (I see in Forum that some guys are grilling you, but do not mind them... as I see it, they would just like a good product to even get better).

There is one feature I am really interested in, which I did not find or see covered correctly here, namely "Scheduled auto-lock". There is only mention in one of the topics that it is in the pipeline.

Could you please feedback when it is planned to release this feature?

This would be great not only from convenience perspective for most of the users, but also saving the battery, mechanism and the motor (longetivity). For instance I have no outer door handle, so for me to open the door quickly during the day (let's say for the postman) would be shortened from 5 seconds to only half a second, and if I reactivated auto-lock automatically every day during the night I would not miss on the security component of the product. 

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HI Twilight. Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate every feedback, even if it is sometimes "burdensome" ;)

I understand your need and agree with you. The scheduled auto-unlock feature is even on my personal top list. If something is in backlog means we want to do that, but it does not have a schedule yet, but it is high on our list. When we schedule this feature, I will update you here.

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"We appreciate every feedback, even if it is sometimes "burdensome" ;)"

At least you are still talking to me ;P

And Konrad, this is a good example what I mean, when being harsh and very direct with my feedback. These software features/updates seem very "small" but highly useful to the (potential) customer. Hence, from a buyers point of view it is just not feasible why such features take you years to implement or not even that, but having it still not on your ToDoList, but somewhere in your backlog. And then you come along and tell me "login via social accounts" is very important, because so many users use it. I am sorry, but I don't get it.

And I absolutely would not mind these things, if Tedee would have been fully integrated to smarthome systems. But I used Smartthings, Hubitat and Homeassistant within the last years and Tedee was not (but systems I never or barely heard of, even though I would say I am pretty much "into that stuff"). I have to take a look into the actual situation when my new server is up and running. I really hope I can do everything I want/need now...

yes please implement scheduled auto-lock. Thanks

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would be nice to be able to define a timeframe in which auto-lock is active by default. E.g. auto-unlock from 10 PM to 6 AM that the door is locked by default during nights.

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Hi Konrad,

any news on "Scheduled auto-lock"? 

Is it on the top of the list now (not personal)?

Your competitor "Nuki" has it already.

It is called "Scheduling: Set timers for automatic locking actions".

Thanks in advance!

Hi Twilight, Unfortunatelly still no change. It would help if everyone who needs this feature would like this topic. You can expect some update in Q4.

Hi Konrad, I get it, that you need to present internally the importance of this feature via "likes" here, but the format of this forum is such, that only enthusiasts will spend time here, therefore only just a drop of customers will be here. Furthermore, only just fraction of such enthusiasts will visit the forum, once they left a comment here. I am sure that plenty of customers need this feature, but they do not report it here. If they do not have this feature, and then another, and another, and in the same time competitor is offering it, what will they do? They will simply switch to the other product which has all the features and ticks all the boxes that they need. If nothing else, they will comment it with their colleagues which bought other products... you know how it goes. So in my opinion, it is very difficult to present the importance of this feature via "likes" here. I think it is enough that you yourself acknowledged that you have this feature on the top of your list. If you have it, than it is very likely that all regular users need it, since it is logical. Hope this helps you to present this feature as important to your team. Thanks a lot in advance and keep up the great job (with already great product). 

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Fully seconded. I am implementing the scheduled lock functionality via Home Assistant, but the best way would be a native implementation. Thanks for this great product

Ehy guys, any news on the "scheduled lock functionality" ? 
This is a must-have feature still missing apparently...

Hi, I'm also waiting for the "scheduled lock/unlock" function. This would make a huge difference in comfort use. Please put some fire under it and get it on the way.
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