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detect if locking fails


My problem is that I have a door with a lift and lock mechanism, and if I forget to pull up the handle before auto-lock kicks in, the lock can't rotate the cylinder completely. However, the app shows me that it's locked. My suggestion is that the lock should check that the it is in the calibrated locked position after every cycle.

Hi Andras. So:

  1. Your lock is locked
  2. auto unlock starts
  3. auto-unlock tries to unlock the lock
  4. Lock cannot rotate because it is blocked
  5. Apps shows that lock is locked (correct value)
  6. you can lift the handle and unlock the lock from mobile app by pressing unlock button

I do not understand why the lock should check the calibrated if lock works correctly. Maybe you can share same photos or video?

Yeah sorry, I've figured it out, but thanks for replying!

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