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Implementing pull-spring additional options

Are there any news about implementing new options for the pull-spring feature. Is the survey already evaluated?

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I am also interested, I supposed “knock to unlock” feature.
Hi, I see this is in “work” state. Could you give us a overview what will be added?

Now you can control the pull spring behavior for auto-unlock feature

Thank you, Konrad, for this potentially useful feature. Have you explored the concept of "Knock to Unlock"? If I'm not mistaken, the lock includes an accelerometer, as it can detect its position (such as for restarting). This could be highly beneficial, especially considering the current auto-unlock feature. In its present form, if you're within 10 meters of the door, it triggers the auto-unlock, which is not always ideal for those living in a house. An alternative solution might be to allow users to customize the Bluetooth signal strength required for unlocking. This way, the door would only unlock when you are about 2 meters away, enhancing both convenience and security.
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