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Bridge problems

After installing the Tedee knob everything seems to work fine. However, I'm having problems with the bridge:

- I plug the bridge into a power outlet. Red, blue, green and white colors flash as indicated in the instruction manual. When finished, there are no leds on.

- I open the Tedee application and click on the "Add a new device" option.

- I scan the QR code of the bridge manual.

- Goes to a screen that says "Connecting to device." I am attaching a screenshot (Image 1).

- It goes to another screen where it tells me to "Turn on the bridge" and try again. I am attaching a screenshot (Image 2).

- From this point it does not pass on the bridge does not bind.

I do all this while the mobile and the bridge are next to each other.

I have also performed the factory reset according to the instruction manual.

I don't know if the bridge is faulty or not.

Can you tell me how to proceed?

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Imagen 1.jpg
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