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auto-lock when leaving

Hello Tedee Team,

I would love to have a auto-lock feature when leaving. Means just the reverse what auto-unlock does. Possible options when auto-lock should happen:

- When I am leaving the bluetooth zone

- when I am leaving the wifi

- when I am going outside the geofencing area

AND combinations of the above.

Thanks and best regards,


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one addition: in all above cases auto-lock should ideally only happen when last one leaves (means no other is still in bluetooth range)

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Hi, I was also looking for this feature. It is possible to implement it with homeassistant. If you would like I can help you to set it up.

I do not have homeassistant but fhem. If there is an api for tedee I could maybe realize it in fhem.

Ho did you connect homeassistent with tedee? Is there a tedee api which can be used?

In HA I am using an integration which it self is using cloud API. There should be also local API quite soon.
I would like the same. Can be done with HomeKit but my wife has android so it would lock when I leave even if she’s still at home
Hello, Do you know if these options will be activate ? How can I do it with HomeKit ?
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