This section goes over the lock’s advanced functions and preferences:


  1. Auto-locking  
  2. Auto-unlocking
  3. Pull spring configuration  
  4. Lock button  


First, enter the app and select the device from the list, then press the gear icon to access settings.  




Auto-lock automatically locks the door behind you to ensure the doors will always remain locked for optimal security. There are two states your device can auto-lock from:   



Unlocked – the state in which, the lock will be immediately after opening. 


Semi-locked – the lock has not been turned completely to its locked state. This is done to ensure your doors stay closed even if the knob or key hasn’t been fully turned inside the cylinder.  


Both options can be set with a custom time delay.




You can configure tedee to open your doors automatically when you approach. The device detects your GPS location in the mobile app, then once in Bluetooth range, connects the lock directly to your smartphone or watch. If you configured unattended latch pulling, your door just needs a small nudge to be fully opened. Location services were introduced in this process to ensure auto-unlock is secure and would initiate only when the appropriate user is detected in the area. 



Setting up auto-unlock:  


Confirmation - Provides a required confirmation to allow the door to auto-unlock once in Bluetooth range.  


Change device location - Necessary to select your lock's current GPS location.  


Advanced - Allows you to set up custom entry and exit zones. To avoid accidental GPS activation, two range limits were designed. Range in and Range out. The former is the physical distance from which auto-lock will initiate after leaving the Range out interval.   


Pull Spring  


This option lets you operate the door latch, mimicking the act of pulling the handle. It can be turned off entirely or separated from the act of unlocking, requiring the user to press the unlock button twice to pull the door latch.   


This functionality can also be timed, forcing the handle to stay in the pulled position, which allows the door to be pushed for longer.  



Lock Button



These are options related to the physical button on the front of your lock. The basic push action can be to lock and unlock the door respectively, depending on its state. There is an additional option to configure a set delay that will initiate after the main button is held for two seconds or until a blue LED flashes. Remember to refer to the manual included in the product package or on our website for more detailed information regarding the safe use of the device.