Tedee lock enables voice integration with Google Assistant. You are able to interact with your tedee lock using Google Home  mobile app or dedicated Google Assistant devices.

Bridge is required to use Google Assistant with your tedee lock


With tedee action you are able to:

  • Open your door
  • Close your door
  • Check status of your lock

PIN for unlocking the door

For security reason to unlock your lock you have to provide PIN which can be set during linking action with your account.

Example commands

Once you know the name of your device (e.g. "front door"), you can say the following:

  • "Ok Google, lock front door"
  • "Ok Google, unlock front door"
  • "Ok Google, is the front door locked?"

How to setup tedee action in Google Home app

To setup tedee action download and install Google Home app. You can download it here for:

Now you can integrate your tedee lock with Google Assistant:

  1. Open Google Home app
  2. Link your tedee account with Google
    1. Click "+" sign
    2. Click "Set up device"
    3. Click "Have something already set up?" in section "Works with Google"
    4. Search for Tedee action and click on it
  3. Login with your tedee account
  4. Accpet permission to allow Google to access your tedee locks
  5. Set up PIN. It has to be from 4 to 10 digits
  6. After successful setup your devices in Google Home app you will be able to operate your locks using Google Home.

After you asign lock to your home we recommend changing the name of your lock in google home app for something simple. Please avoid using numbers and single letters.

Your lock in Google Home

You can check status of your lock directly in Google Home app. Below there are presented two statuses: unlocked and locked.

Status Unlocked
Status unlocked
Status Locked


How to change PIN?

To change your PIN you need to unlink your tedee account in Google Home app and link it again.

How to change name of your lock?

  1. Click on your lock
  2. Click on your lock name
  3. Change name
  4. Click "Save" button

Changing name of your lock in Google Home app doesn't affect the name in tedee mobile app.

How to pull spring using voice commands?

If you have enabled and calibrated pull spring in tedee mobile app then you can perform a pull spring on your lock using Google Assistant by executing unlock command on unlocked lock.

Commands stop working

Try to perform these steps:

  • Check connection status of your lock and bridge
  • Make sure that name of your lock is simple and Google Assistant can understand this name
  • Unlink and link tedee action

If commands still don't work please contact us.