This is perhaps the most frequently asked question. Since we want everyone to have easy means of identifying and choosing the required items from our offer, this article will showcase all door and cylinder types supported by our product.

1. European Cylinder

We initially created our lock with this cylinder profile in mind. This is cylinder profile is the most common type in Europe.
Our cylinder choices included 4 types A, B, C, and D.

After placing an order you will be asked to fill out an after purchase form, which will allow our team to choose a cylinder compatible with your door.

Link to the form

2. Scandinavian Cylinder

Almost always located above the door handle, Scandinavian oval cylinders are compatible with our smart-lock when fitted with our Nordic Adapter.

There is one important exception - the lock backplate cannot be single-piece. The backplate or rosette (as it is called in this case) must be separate for the door handle as well as the cylinder. 

3. Multi-point locking systems/Hook locks

This type of locking system is also supported by tedee with one small exception. Remote locking and autolocking will require the door handle to be lifted in order for the mechanism to allow locking. 

As long as the cylinder is also euro profile the installation is exactly the same as with the standard euro profile locks.