Whenever you encounter autounlock issues, when your device does not wake-up the app wifi checks might be the case.
As a security issue, our lock checks whenever you have entered a different WI-FI network than the one your Bridge is connected to. This, however, might also cause your signal to be marked as fake when quickly swapping networks on your mobile, such as when leaving your car's wifi right before approaching your door or whilst still being in range.

This prevents the app from "waking up" to initiate autounlock. A simple way to test if it happens is to enter the Range-in and check for notifications. If none appear, perform the steps below.

In such cases, we recommend to turn off that setting in the mobile app to stop the app from making additional checks towards WI-FI. This will allow the app to initiate autounlock regardless of the network connected.

To do that simply enter our mobile app and select a lock you wish to disable that setting on. Once in lock settings enter Autounlock -> Advanced. Once in advanced, disable Check for Wi-Fi.

If you encounter further issues related to autounlock, please open the side context menu from the main screen in the mobile app, enter Help and select Share logs then send them to support@tedee.com