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Open the lock next time I get close to the lock (+widget)

Hi there, I really appreciate auto unlocking when I don’t have a free hand to open the door after shopping groceries. Sometimes when I go shopping I need to go back to the car several times to carry up the rest. Right now in the pandemic situation we try to do our grocery shopping once per week or less. The first time I get close to the lock everything is fine, but after that I don’t leave the perimeter so I have to open it by myself. It would be great if there is a manual setting to open the lock next time I approach the door. We have small kids and live upstairs so I can’t leave the door open. There could be an security feature that causes the manual opening the next time just to work when the lock is open to open the latch. So that the unlocking of the door including the full turn is reserved to the „real“ Auto Unlock events. That would be great.

Hi Lars. Yes I love the auto-unlock too. In my case I have set the auto-lock for 12 min and it is enough to go back for something and return.

Going back to your proposition. It will be rely hard to do. The most difficult part is to prevent auto-unlocking the door by mistake when you are at home all the time. this is why we require you to left the zone. Now we focus to improve the auto-unlock for users for who it is still not work perfectly and we release small fixes every two weeks. I near future we will not be able to implement this scenario

Dear Konrad, that’s true. Maybe I was expecting too much. It’s a smart lock and not a magic lock
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