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Fingerprint reader

Make an external fingerprint reader just as the ENTR Smartlock has..

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You already have the fingerprint reader in your phone... or Face ID. You can use them to log in to the app if you need additional security. But getting back to the point, we do not plan to make a  fingerprint reader... you can use existing readers if you integrate them using our API... you can try Ekey with  LOXONE:

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The whole idea is to use it so that you do not have to get your phone out of your pocket. Or use it for your kids without having to give them a smartphone or physical key.

You have a fingerprint reader in your Android... or FaceID in your iPhone... We do not copy/paste NUKI (with all due respect). As for the hardware, we plan the keypad.

You don't want to give your kids a phone. Also you don't always have a phone with you... Your finger on the other hand.... Also phone needs to be get out of pocket opent.. app opent.. lock opent. Lots of handling... Finger on fingerprint bleep enter is much more convenient

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@andrzej Kaszycki:

When is the keypad comming??

My use case is also mostly for the kids. The keypad is certainly a great step forward, but I would prefer a fingerprint reader. As soon as the kids start giving the code to their friends a keypad isn't safe anymore.

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I have just purchased Tedee keypad and although I am happy with it, I would still support the feature request for fingerprint reader (maybe to add it to keypad with one of the future releases if feasible?)

The use cases from my perspecitve are:

- kids or elderly people

- no need to remember PIN

- discharged phone

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There is no hardware for it in the keypad so that would be a V2 they have NFC so at a later moment in time kids can use a dongle to get inside

Yes, I am aware that current keypad hardware is not able to support it. I was thinking about idea to include it in future keypad model.

Regarding alternative option to use NFC dongle instead:

To me the fingerprint still has an important advantage for the use cases I described - your finger is something that is not easy to get lost :-)

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You are right. They fingerprint reader should then also be optimized for smaller fingers. I had a fingerprint reader before tedee and that did not work well with the smaller fingers.

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Hey, there is no fingerprint

reader in the pipeline at the moment. We still believe the smartphone, the keypad and the key are the three most commonly used devices to lock and unlock your door. You have to be aware that the reader outside at low temperatures (especially when winter has come) is not the best choice after all, especially when battery operated.

You don't want to copy Nuki, but you gotta admit: The new Keypad is pretty nice, though.


"We still believe the smartphone, the keypad and the key are the three most commonly used devices to lock and unlock your door."

If no one would have invented the keypad or smartlock the most commonly used device to lock and unlock a door would be a key. Do you notice something? ;) If nobody is selling it, no one can and will buy it. And I do believe that more and more people are using/looking/open for fingerprint since they do know it from smartphones nowadays.

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 I almost forgot: But it would be nice to activate NFC on the current one, before you bring out a fingerprint keypad next month. The latter has time til May (just because Tedee seems to get confused all the time what an "alright" timeframe is from a customers point of view...).

A fingerprint reader device would be awesome. In my opinon the easiest way for kids to tunlock the door. How can we convince you of the necessity of the idea? Do a one-question survey with your current users and see what comes out.

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