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Make manual out of home button

It seems that on alot of phones (android based) the location service or app background services go to sleep when your phone is not awake. Many times this results in you not being able to auto unlock your door.

Would be nice to just have button in app that push that says not home or out of home. This way you can manually set your app in the out of home status.

Also handy when you would walk the dogs for a small walk and you will not leave the house more then 200 meters (which is the smallest trigger now for out of home)...

Or maybe you just do not want to use Location Services on all the time because of battery drain. Another thing when a manual out of home button would be nice..

That’s an idea I have been asking for by myself. What if you make the lock ignoring your phone for 20-60 seconds after pushing the button? That could prevent false opening events
There are other methods to see where you are next to Geofencing... Apparently Nuki is looking into that as a lot of those users are having the same issues with auto unlock and Android devices.

Thank you Jeremy, the idea of manual out button looks ok but it will still require the Location service because we do not scan for lock device all the time (to not drain the battery) but only when you enter the "In" zone. So maybe you need manual start auto-unlock button which will start the process of scanning the device to unlock

Yes that is what i ment. For example walking the dogs activate it when i am 50 meters from home by hand if i want... so that i am sure the door will unlock when i am near.

We start working on widget which will start the auto-unlock process.


Hi everyone!

Maybe some of you have already noticed that we introduced a new auto-unlock widget. There's now a possibility to request auto-unlock manually.

We will be happy if you test it and share your feedback :)






Nice! Would it be possible to give a name to those widgets?
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