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Out of home to 150 meters.

The minimal out of home value of 200 meters is just to far away to do a small dog walk. Please make it 150 meters as a minimal.

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Have wife and kids and a long history of being wrong. Wouldn’t your dog appreciate a longer walk than 290 meters?
Yeah of course but it's like 190 meters squared. For the short walk. And of course wel also do longer walks.

I am also in favor of shorter distances. The user should decide which setting he wants. With other Smart Lock's there is also 50m. :)

It seems that you also have to go much further than the 200m (experience since 2 days ;) ). For a short walk in the square it is too far.

 There is a plan to test the minimal out zone to 150m but not in 2021Q1

Count me in for the testing.
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