HomeKit Beta

Hello tedee users,

We've been working hard on HomeKit integration. In the upcoming weeks we will release few beta versions for mobile and devices and we'll ask you for help. Please note that the "beta" versions may be unstable. By joining the testing program, you acknowledge that application may not match quality standards as a regular version does.

How to join for Android Beta

If you want to join the beta program please sign up for using this link or directly from Google Play app link.

You can leave the testing program any time using the same link and install the public version from store.

How to join for iOS Beta

You can join iOS beta using this public link.

In order to install the app, you will need to download and open TestFlight. Please follow the steps from the manual: https://testflight.apple.com/.

To leave testing program, you can delete yourself as a tester in the app’s Information page in TestFlight by tapping Stop Testing and install the public version from store.

Version 1.115.01 beta (iOS), beta (Android)

This version introduce new way of discovering and connecting to tedee devices via Bluetooth that will be released later with a HomeKit firmware update. During this test we want to make sure that backward combability is working and users doesn't have issues with connecting to exiting devices via Bluetooth.

What to test:

  • Check if adding device process is working
  • Check if you can update device firmware from mobile
  • Check if you can unlock/lock the lock from phone/widget via Bluetooth
  • Check if Apple Watch is working

We already have tested this and everything worked fine. Please share your feedback under this post.

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No worries, actually there is nothing you miss right now
Any news on HomeKit?

Hey Lars, we're on it... more news should arrive in three weeks. The point is that we cannot give you any exact date at the moment but it's near.

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Dear Andrzej, thanks and great to hear. Moreover my wife and me are very pleased with the product no matter if it has HomeKit or not. We are living in an rented Appartement and the lock and some outlets are the only smart devices that are moving with us. Everything else will be build new from the scratch. Cheers and stay healthy Lars

Hey, indeed, HomeKit is near... but still a few more weeks to go.


  • Beta mobile app which support new 'HomeKit' connection [DONE]
  • Public mobile app supported 'HomeKit' connection [DONE]
  • Public Bridge firmware with new 'HomeKit' connection [DONE]
  • Internal Beta with new Tedee HomeKit lock [DONE]
  • Public Lock firmware with new 'HomeKit' connection [DONE]
  • External Beta with new Tedee HomeKit lock [IN PROGRESS]
  • Certification by Apple
  • Public release

Hey Konrad, great to hear about the progress. Will there be a new Link to Android and TestFlight to test? I am still in the old beta on TestFlight waiting for a new build to be released.

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Hi Lars,

Unfortunately Apple will not allow us to push anything to public beta (TestFlight) which contains logic for HomeKit without certification :( This is why we changed a little the testing process and there is no more public tests for existing locks. 

After certification we still have plan to send the update first to preview testers.

One could think that the certification comes from the TestFlight App as you couldn’t certify anything untested, but I think that refers to public betas only. Anyway please put me on the list of preview testers if that is okay for you.

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Hi  Konrad,

Are  you still going to send test units as it was previously arranged ?

Please note  I had some trouble with my previous username and password and I had to recreate a profile.

Can you please check if I am still enrolled in the Beta testing program  and in the test unit process ?

Thank you

David Bismuth

Hi David,

I cannot find your request to join the Beta program, are you sure you filled the form? There is no request with csdb@mac.com email. All testers received confirmation email this Monday and the group is closed now, sorry. But do not wary, soon we will release preview version for our existing locks.

Any news or problems with HomeKit?

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Hey Lars,

it works well, and it works perfectly well on iOS 15 Beta version. It looks like Apple has improved Home App by far. We're close, very close... almost there :)

Best, Andrzej

That’s great to hear. Can’t wait to test it by myself. Also thanks to all the developers and testers to make this happen.

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