HomeKit Beta

Hello tedee users,

We've been working hard on HomeKit integration. In the upcoming weeks we will release few beta versions for mobile and devices and we'll ask you for help. Please note that the "beta" versions may be unstable. By joining the testing program, you acknowledge that application may not match quality standards as a regular version does.

How to join for Android Beta

If you want to join the beta program please sign up for using this link or directly from Google Play app link.

You can leave the testing program any time using the same link and install the public version from store.

How to join for iOS Beta

You can join iOS beta using this public link.

In order to install the app, you will need to download and open TestFlight. Please follow the steps from the manual: https://testflight.apple.com/.

To leave testing program, you can delete yourself as a tester in the app’s Information page in TestFlight by tapping Stop Testing and install the public version from store.

Version 1.115.01 beta (iOS), beta (Android)

This version introduce new way of discovering and connecting to tedee devices via Bluetooth that will be released later with a HomeKit firmware update. During this test we want to make sure that backward combability is working and users doesn't have issues with connecting to exiting devices via Bluetooth.

What to test:

  • Check if adding device process is working
  • Check if you can update device firmware from mobile
  • Check if you can unlock/lock the lock from phone/widget via Bluetooth
  • Check if Apple Watch is working

We already have tested this and everything worked fine. Please share your feedback under this post.

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And something extra special for you:  https://tedee.com/knowledge-base/apple-homekit/  :)

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Great stuff. HomeKit for existing locks will push your product in the same class as competitors like nuki, but with the benefit of being better looking, quieter and faster. There will still be some that argue about the price, but there are competitors to iPhone and still the product tops android phones in many markets. I am using my Tedee lock since more than a year now with HomeKit (homebridge plugin) and it’s really an enhancement. Hopefully Apple will finish their audit soon. Can’t wait to see all users get their hand on this cool feature.

Thank you Konrad for the message and the HomeKit online guide.

We are excited this is finally coming true. Can't wait to add my Tedee Lock to the Apple Home app.

HomeKit for new locks [DONE]

HomeKit for existing locks:

  • Mobile app & firmware ready [DONE]
  • Certification by Apple [DONE]
  • Public release [IN PROGRESS]

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Firmware update is here

Nothing for me yet !!!!

How did you get it ? Did it just appear in the app ?

@David, Yes it just appeared around 17:30 pm today, Berlin timezone. I think you need a corresponding app version that hasn’t been approved by apple yet. So I’ve got the new firmware but still no HomeKit

Hey, sorry for the confusion we made earlier today. HomeKit integration for existing locks will arrive together with firmware version 1.4.XXXXX and app version 1.130.0

To speed things up you may activate the "Beta tester" mode in your tedee user account settings.

Best, Andrzej

Hello, How about Matter compatibility in the future? Do you have any plans?

@Andrey please use other post to discuss about Metter, thank you.

Got it working as native HomeKit accessory.

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Same here ! It just works beautifully ! Good work Tedee Development team !

Now just waiting for the Keypad and I will be all set !

Konrad, please congratulate everyone involved.

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I want to purchase Tedee lock. Can you please clarify the following regarding HomeKit support:

1) Is it right that HomeKit support means no need to purchase the bridge? 

2) Auto-unlock speed is the same with and without the bridge (in FAQ it is said that bridge leads to faster unlock, is it still the same with native HomeKit support added)?

3) Is there any difference between old lock with HomeKit support added via software update and new lock with HomeKit out of the box?

4) How to identify the new lock version?

Hey Andrey,

1) That very much depends on what you need the bridge for... HomeKit hub does not update the lock automatically, nor it allows remote access for Android mobile devices, and it does not broadcast iBeacon to speed up Auto-unlock... HomeKit hubs let you change the lock position remotely, check the battery status and check whether the lock is locked or unlocked

2) in general it works more stable with the bridge but the mobile app ALWAYS connects with the lock over Bluetooth during Auto-unlock

3) no difference after you add it to Home App... the only difference is how you do it

4) new locks have different bar codes and SKUs (ending with "HK") and are packed in new boxes with "Works with Apple HomeKit" icons.

Take care!

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