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short lock after unlatch

I have the problem that the door is unlatched permanent if i use the unlatch feature (for Auto-Unlock e.g.) and the door is not opended by user. After unlatching the door is opened for a millimeter and its enough to hold back the latch.
If the door would lock again after unlatch and open again without unlatch, the door would be closed again.
I hope you understand what i want . :-)

Hey, could you please send us a short video to illustrate that case? I don’t fully understand how locking after the door is moved 1mm could help... I would rather expect the lock would jam if the bolts are not in line with the corresponding holes in the frame. The video would help us a lot to understand.

Thank you and have a good one!

Best, Andrzej 

here is the requested video

Hey, thanks. I understand how it works. I just wonder what we can do about it:

1. you can always use "auto-lock" and then the door would lock again

2. you can switch off "Automatic pull spring" which will not pull the latch at unlocking (auto-unlock will) but you will still be able to pull it from "unlocked" position

3. I just wonder... if you calibrate the "unlocked" position a little bit further from the one you set (further from "unlocked" towards "locked"), would that make the latch return to its "unlocked" position and latch the door after it returns from "unlatched"?

The behavior you described is a very special one and it's hard to implement at the moment. We may return to it after we investigate the scale of the problem a little bit more.

Very best, Andrzej

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