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Automatic pull spring for auto-unlock

It will be good to be able to have a dedicated automatic pull spring for the auto-unlock option. That's the moment when, for sure, I want the Tedee lock to pull the spring, so I can open the door just by pushing it. But the other times when I use the App to open the door it's good not to pull the spring. That way if I open the door by mistake I can close it again. That's why I decided to disable the "automatic pull spring" form the "pull spring" setting. But now I miss than handy option when the auto-unlock fires. In summary, to have an automatic pull spring option for the unlock button and a separate one for the auto-unlock option will be very good (and I think it won't be that difficult to implement). Thanks, Fran

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The topic has already been discussed in several threads. Yes, it is very useful to be able to set "pull spring" separately for each activity. I also miss it so much. ;)

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Already asked here:, please vote there and i will close this one.

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Thanks Konrad,

Voted for the topic you sent. You can close this down.